Breakfast Event. Discussions of Innovation in Social Impact.

Join like minded individuals in exciting discussions. Learn about successful social responsibility initiatives. Learn with colleagues, and make new connections.

tim-costelloWe are excited to announce that World Vision CEO, Tim Costello has agreed to be our keynote speaker. We look forward to hearing what he has to say.

Jane Nash, ANZ’s Head of Corporate Sustainability & Financial Inclusion has just agreed to speak at the forum this year.

An event to engage with industry, inviting them to discuss their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs with other organisations to help each other to ‘screw business as usual’ – implementing new and innovative initiatives to create sustainable social change.

A event to inspire students at every university in Melbourne through interaction with CSR focused industries. To encourage students to consider what they could contribute as the new generation of business professionals.

A event to fund local and global community projects. Enabling the recipients to create sustainable solutions to enhance social prosperity and have a long term social impact on the community in which they live.



In the face of huge obstacles, constant setbacks and a system set at status quo, remarkable individuals and organisations are determined, each day, to make personal sacrifices for the betterment of a more equitable and just global society. The WB Social impact forum is about bringing these extraordinary global citizens together to share with us how we can all work toward borderless Global citizenship.

The Without Borders
Social Impact Forum

is in the form of a breakfast event, where students and industry can hear from influential speakers as well as take part in disruptive discussions with experienced panel invitees and other attendees. It’s a forum to share and be inspired by the social impact work of others.