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Without Borders Swinburne is a collaboration between Engineers Without Borders, Technology Without Borders and Business Without Borders at Swinburne University. BWB has joined forces to host the breakfast social impact forum event on Monday 12th September. The Social Impact Forum aims to engage professionals who work in business, the engineering and technology industries by offering opportunities to showcase the three sector’s commitment to social impact initiatives as well as share their knowledge and experiences. The forum both encourages businesses to learn how to use CSR to effectively enhance their business as well as encourage networking between organisations and proactive student attendees to develop greater knowledge resources moving forward.

The forum is also a great opportunity to discover how other organisations across Technology, Business, and Engineering are currently enhancing social prosperity in their communities. An opportunity to learn some new and innovative ways to make a sustainable social difference. A keynote and a panel discussion are being held during the Without Borders forum allowing attendees to learn from and share with diverse organisations who’ve implemented varied and innovative Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. Organisers of the forum are all volunteers and all funds raised from the forum will be donated to a selection of charities and projects so that attendees and sponsors can contribute to the community both locally and globally.

Toward Borderless Global Citizenship

Without Borders Social Impact Forum

The Without Borders Social Impact Forum

An event where students and industry can share ideas, exchange information and find inspiration in the social impact work of others. Join us for both the breakfast event to hear from all experienced and influential speakers and panelists. At the event we will be running a raffle. All items in the raffle are donated from sponsors which means that 100% of the raffle price goes towards making a difference in the community initiatives we are sponsoring.

Panel Discussions

The main question to be discussed by the panels and the keynote at the forum. Social Impact Presentation Question: Social Impact work and the workplace. How social impact work / corporate social responsibility can improve the culture in your organisation.


Breakfast begins at 8.30am with inspiring keynote speakers, workshops and panel discussions between panelists from varying industries and backgrounds. Be inspired by the speakers and engage with the panelists and the workshops to discuss the benefits of social impact programs in the workplace.

We can't go back and make a brand new start, but we can start from now and create a brand new ending.

Think your organisation has great Corporate Social Responsibility policies?

The opportunities of the Without Borders forum don’t only involve learning. Sponsoring the forum can help bring your knowledge and experience to others. And you can support some great causes!.

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