The Without Borders Team

Business Without Borders (BWB) volunteers are incredibly passionate about social impact work and involves students to use the skills that they are learning at university, to make a significant social difference every day.

The Team Members

Dominique Elliott – BWB Chair

Nikki Scholtens – BWB Industry Board Member

Charmaine Wilkinson – BWB General Manager

Hope Hatzistamatis – BWB Communications team manager

Kashmira Ravichandran – BWB Design team manager

Hannah Faulks – BWB Web team manager

Scott Morgan – BWB Web team stakeholder

Campbell Kaczynski – BWB Communications team stakeholder

Nyarotso R – BWB Communications team stakeholder

Without Borders Logo Design

Hope Hatzistamatis
Kashmira Ravichandran

Social Impact Forum Logotype Design

Sam Mularczyk
Lylah D’Souza
Dale de Silva

Sponsorship Document Design

Kashmira Ravichandran
Hope Hatzistamatis
Dale de Silva

Web Design

Dale de Silva

Toward Borderless Global Citizenship

Without Borders Social Impact Forum

Business Without Borders Swinburne aims to leverage students skills to help solve social issues in the first and third world. With careful mentoring from industry professionals, students are able to build upon their skills and contribute to meaningful endeavours.

From helping to fund charities like World Vision to running their own charitable ventures, Business Without Borders Swinburne is raising awareness of social issues and making increasing contributions toward solutions.

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